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Exit loop condition. Intersection search
Smart turns
Precision alignment
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This is a subscription for 1 week

In lesson 2 you will get/understand:

  • Modular programing;
  • Exit loop conditions for PD controller. Usual problems while this task solution;
  • Intersection (cross) search;
  • Smart turns;
  • Precision alignment to line after turn;
  • Tips&tricks that allow make this algorithms be stable and universal.

RO or other robotics competition is a set of competencies of a team (coach and participants)

You will get in this course:

  • Methods of task solution;
  • Universal algorithms;
  • Principles of robot design;
  • Debugging;
  • Understanding of robot behavior physics;
  • Many tips, tricks and secrets;

This course is based on my curriculum.

How it works

You work in a browser online. You get lectures, tasks, questions, etc. Every lesson of course takes 1-3 hours to solve it

You will need

LEGO(R) 45544 set + additional EV3 Color sensor. EV3-G, but you can use any language to solve this course tasks (EV3Basic, C4EV3, RobotC, EV3dev solutions, LabView) and even other chasis, not Lego based. We use fields (e.g. 8_1_ ) or electrical tape glued at a floor.

Do you know

what are a variable, cycle(loop), switch(if)? That's enough to work with this course.

After this course

you will understand how these robots work and will be able to build a similar one and others

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