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WRO 2019 Elementary

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WRO 2019 Elementary solution.

This solution is an example of our curriculum usage in WRO 2019 tasks.

If you are a novice in robotics you can solve this task yourself using our algorithms.

There are three rounds in video. Three fastest rounds (No need to go to ZOO. With ZOO time will be 4 seconds more).

Robot uses:


4 x medium motors

2 x 62,4 wheels

4 x EV3 color sensors

Do you want a unique robot and program that will differ from this one? No problem, we can do it. This will be 500USD total.

Product packet consists:

  • LDD file with construction;
  • Program in EV3-G with english variables, subs and comments;
  • Description or requirements to elements for high speed linefollow; 
  • Product support;

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